Cricket's Corner

In September of 2010 Cricket became part of our family. We had just lost our Dalmatian Dominoe,
and I actually swore there would be no more dogs !
We had an older dog at the time, McGwire who had other ideas though. She did not take the loss of her pal Dominoe very well, and that led me to looking on line for another dog. We found this little girl at a shelter down in Houston Missouri , and our lives haven't been the same.

She has brought much joy and many adventures ever since. She is a Jack Russell Terrier mix , and has always been very active which is part of that breed.
In 2012 we noticed she was having some problems getting up , and really not as active as before. After a number of Vet visits  and some tests she was put on a Steroid which seemed to help. and although we really did not know what she may of done, she seemed to be getting better on the Steroid.  Getting her off that was not very easy, seemed we would have a few good days, cut the steroid back, and go back to square one with her once again being lame.

We finally made the decision to switch Vets, who through several tests and a bunch of xrays determined she had a torn ACL in her rear left leg. ACL is Anterior Cruciate Ligament in the knee.  Although there are several types of surgery that can repair a canine ACL problem, her size determined which one was best for her. We so dreaded the thought of her having surgery, but we wanted an end to her pain and wanted to try to give her the option of once again using all 4 legs.

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