Cricket's Corner
We are over a month past her Feb.14th date to be off of restriction. Although she really has not been off leash too much because of the bad weather. She does from time to time put that leg down somewhat for balance, and she does use it to scratch, and a few times we have seen what we feel was her doing some "toe-touching" to the ground with that leg while walking, she really has not put weight on the leg. So she is still basically 3 legged as of March,15, 2014.

She seems happy, although she would love to be able to be outside more, but with all the ice and snow it has not been possible. We take advantage of the few good weather days we have had with a couple walks and just soaking up some sun outside time.

We had an awful time after her surgery with getting her to eat. She wanted nothing to do with food . Thankfully after some medication changes and many food changes she started eating again.  She still is not a big eater, well she is a small dog, but the Vet wanted extra protein in her to aid in bone strength and recovery.

Whether she ever uses this leg again is still to be seen. But she is no longer in pain, and that was our main goal.
I am still doing the range of motion exercises at night, and we do hope and pray that someday her brain will realize that it is not going to hurt if she steps on that leg.
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