Cricket's Corner
Around Easter which was April 20th this year , we noticed Cricket started to do some toe touching and having that left leg down more while outside walking around.. She is not putting full weight on it- just toe touching- BUT this is progress.. It also is the first we have seen of her moving the leg in an actual walking motion.. She does not do this all the time but she does do it ! Which has brought wide smiles to us ! After seeing that leg tucked up close to her body for all this time having it down even if it is only sometime IS progress :)

We are still doing her range of motion exercise, and she will go for her 6 month check up this month-May.. I will report back again after we see her doctor..  Above is her video that we happened to catch of her trying to walk.. Check it out  :)
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On May 10th Cricket went for her 6 month post -op check.. The Vet was pleased that the joint is stable, no grinding or cracking. He viewed the couple videos and was pleased to see her toe-touching.