Cricket's Corner
The Dreaded Surgery
Although we did many things to try and prevent her having surgery, Rest, Restriction, Medication, Knee Brace to name a few. Cricket finally had ACL surgery on November 12th,2013.  This was an extensive surgery and she actually was found to have some bone degeneration that was pretty extensive even at her young age. Specialist consults were brought in for 2nd and 3rd opinions, and although this was going to be a long recovery we opted to do the surgery.

The surgery she had was sort of 2 part, once he cleared out all the bone fragments from her degenerative bone and the ruptured ligament, he had to then drill 2 holes to attach a synthetic ligament on the outside of her joint.

When we picked her up the next day she was handed to us with a huge bandage/cast. This is called a Robert-Jones Bandage. It is a compression type bandage to prevent any movement. She wore this bandage for 11 days.

Her Vet, Dr.Michael Boyd explained how beings her bone was compromised and the fact that she did not really use the leg for so long prior to the surgery she may take even longer to recover and really was not sure if she would ever resume using her leg. We are trying some range of motion exercises at present time, She is also on Glucosamine/Chondroitin suppliments.

​We are still in the recovery stage as I type this and are hoping that come Februrary she may start once again to be a 4 legged dog .

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